What does Wellness mean to you?

I can’t define that for you.

I can only tell you what it means to me.

To me wellness is:

-Move my body the way I want to every day.

-Keep up with my 4 kids. Have patience with them (most of the time!). And if I feel I don’t, the ability to walk away and find it! Which usually means I need my sleep.

-Feel good. Really good. That means I must eat WELL.

-Hold back on the things that make me feel bad. Usually these are grains, sugar, too much alcohol.

-Focus. The ability to, and stay away from too many distractions. Which is why I am giving up internet on my phone for lent. Today is day 1… will be interesting I’m quite sure. Amazon will miss me.

That’s my list for now. I imagine it will change, expand, and curve around as we walk this path together. I’m excited to begin the journey!

With love,